Strategic Advisory

Mahler Corporate Finance provides extensive advisory services around strategic topics such as the development, orientation and implementation of corporate M&A strategy, issues surrounding maximizing shareholder value and acts as a general M&A and financial sounding board.

The corporate M&A strategy is a broad topic which covers all aspects of a business. The different business units, management, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders are all involved in the development of a strategy. Mahler CF advises on the development of a complete integral M&A strategy and assists in the initital orientation phase up to and including the actual implementaton of the strategy.

Maximizing shareholder value in complex situations requires a totally committed advisor who understands the situation of the shareholders and all other stakeholders involved. It requires tailor-made solutions and a client-focused approach, Mahler CF has the commitment and the experience to maximize shareholder value in the most complex situations.

Furthermore Mahler CF acts as a sounding board for M&A and financial issues for several stakeholders in various situations.

For more information, please contact:

Arjen Rijpkema
Managing Partner
m: +31 6 1212 0445