Public delistings and reversed takeovers

The process of delisting a company from the Amsterdam Euronext Exchange can be one involving many complex financial and legal steps to completion. As a potential acquirer each decision needs to be carefully evaluated based on sound financial advice with maximum insight to ensure a successful voluntary (or mandatory) public offer.

The role of management, board of directors and shareholders all play a pivotal role in the assessment and decision making process of accepting or defending a public bid to ensure the right future of the company while keeping the interest of the stakeholders in mind.

We have the experience to guide both potential acquirers of Dutch public listed companies as well as management and board of directors of the target through the complex legal environment while arriving at a sound strategic and financial proposition for all stakeholders involved. 

In specific situations an entry to the stock exchange can be realized through a 'reversed takeover' without losing control. We have the experience in evaluating such structures and identifying the potential challenges involved in bring a private company to the stock exchange.

To learn more about our experience and insights into Dutch public delistings, contact:

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Managing Partner
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